For The Love of All Music: Old-Time Pianist Andrew J. Fletcher Considers Asheville's Future

By Emma Stamm Andrew J. Fletcher plays stride piano, a style that emphasizes percussive keying in the left hand and syncopated melodies in the right. While the name and technique may be unfamiliar, the sound of stride piano is instantly recognizable: clearly of the '20s and '30's, it has roots in ragtime and exists as... Continue Reading →


An Interview With David Wax Museum on "Guesthouse"

I love Mexican music -- the rhythms, instruments, song structures, and melodies. But for this record, I tried to focus primarily on the quality of the songwriting and then brought all of our influences to bear on shaping the sound of the record. The Mexican sound was a piece of that but not necessarily the... Continue Reading →

Kenny “Dope” Gonzalez

BY JON FREER Beatsmith par excellence, Kenny “Dope” has been making records since the late 80s. His distinctive style, both on the decks and in the studio, comes from the way he applies a Hip Hop-centric approach to both making and spinning music. He became a house hold name through his partnership with the diminutive... Continue Reading →

Dub Gabriel: Raggabass Radical

“Music is always a healer, It doesn’t matter if it is mine or someone else’s. I have a real emotional connection with music and think the first step of making great music is being a fan of others music” — Dub Gabriel An Interview With Dub Gabriel Pushing the boundaries of rock, dub, world and electronic... Continue Reading →

Sarah Linhares' Messages From the Future

An interview with Sarah Linhares Sarah Linhares is a passionate and eclectic singer, songwriter and performer. She began her love affair with music at an early age through singing in her church choir. Since then, her unique musical style has been shaped by an obsession with electronic music, singing in a multitude of gospel choirs,... Continue Reading →

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