One Year Anniversary of Trump Inauguration, J20 Block Party in West Asheville

It’s been a brutal year since Trump was inaugurated. We have no choice but to keep up the resistance, remain vigilant, and vote in every possible election in 2018.

On the one year anniversary of Trump’s inauguration, Saturday, January 20, communities around the country will gather to reconnect to the roots from which their movements draw strength, discuss the path ahead, and gather resources for prisoners, relief efforts, and ongoing struggles.

In Asheville, Firestorm Cafe and Book Collective are kicking off a week of rebellious activities with a Haywood Road block party to share food, fun, and knowledge. This is a free event open to everyone so bring your friends and let’s talk about where we want to go from here!

Schedule of Events

3pm-6pm : Workshops, including “Uprooting White Supremacy in Appalachia,” an interactive presentation by Holler Network (@ Firestorm)

6pm-7pm : Community vegetarian potluck (@ Firestorm)

7pm-9pm : Workshops, including a presentation by The Callisto Collective (@ Firestorm)

9pm-Late : DJ dance party (@ Local 604 Bottle Shop)

Throughout the Week

Sunday, J21 : Documentary Film Night (@ Static Age-Records)

Tuesday, J23 : Karaoke Fundraiser (@ The Lazy Diamond)

Friday, J26 : “Trouble” Screening (@ Firestorm)

This week of events is taking place in response to a call by the Channel Zero Anarchist Podcast Network, Sub.Media, It’s Going Down, and CrimethInc.. Read the full call at

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