The Story of a Lost Leg: Finders Keepers Opens at Asheville Fine Arts Theater With John Wood and Co-Producer Tim Grant

A hit at the 2015 Sundance Film Festival, FINDERS KEEPERS tells a story so wild, so bizarre, so utterly unique that if it were fiction, no one would believe it could happen. But it did. “Finders Keepers,” directed by Bryan Carberry and Clay Tweel, begins with a North Carolina man, Shannon Whisnant, buying a meat smoker at auction. He hauls it home and looks inside, where he finds a man’s yellowed, gnarled lower leg and foot. “It’s plum nasty!” the twangy Mr. Whisnant is heard shouting to a 911 operator.

“Finders Keepers” explains that the leg belonged to John Wood and was amputated after an accident. Mr. Wood kept it and mummified it in his backyard by wrapping it in a piece of his home’s screen door, injecting it with embalming fluid and hanging it on a tree branch to dry. For real. Mr. Wood put his leg in the meat smoker for safekeeping before becoming addicted to drugs and essentially forgetting about it. When Wood wants it back, Shannon refuses, sensing a Golden Ticket opportunity to capitalize on his discovery, seeing visions of fame and fortune. As the battle for the foot gears up, hilarity ensues, with everyone from the legal system, to the media to the residents of North Carolina and beyond taking sides. Proving that truth is often much, much stranger than fiction, this hilarious, engaging and ultimately touching film with a heart of gold will leave you vowing to keep track of your own body parts.

The documentary follows the fight between Mr. Whisnant and the now-sober Mr. Wood, which twists through a TV court show and a Hardee’s freezer.


7:00 Thursday, October 8th.
Special Pre-Opening Show
With Special Guests John Wood, and Tim Grant

All Tickets for this show are $12
Advance tickets are available at the Fine Arts Box Office,
or online here- Tickets

DIRECTED BY: Bryan Carberry, J. Clay Tweel
STARRING: John Wood, Shannon Whisnant


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